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List of series on Netflix to learn Brazilian Portuguese:

Those of you who are learning Brazilian Portuguese already know how films and series are an excellent tool for learning a language. So here is a list of seven Brazilian series that can help you with your studies! Enjoi it!

1.       Cidades Invisíveis: Series about Brazilian folklore and environment. Romance and action series. Synopsis: After a family tragedy, a man discovers folkloric creatures living among humans and soon realizes that they are the answer to his mysterious past.

2.       Bom dia, Verônica: Action and dystopia series, it talks about serious themes in Brazilian society such as machismo, corruption and violence. Synopsis: A police officer investigates a sexual predator and ends up discovering a couple with a horrible secret and a sinister corruption scheme.

3.       Coisa Mais linda: The series talks about female emancipation and shows the beginning the culture of Rio’s society that exists today. Synopsis: a woman arrives in Rio in the 1950s to find her husband and discovers that she has been abandoned. Instead of suffering, she decides to stay in the city and open a bossa nova club.

4.       3%: Futuristic action and dystopia series. Synopsis: In a future where an elite lives in the comfort of Maralto, all 20-year-olds go through a selection process to live there. But only 3% will be approved.

5.       O Mecanismo. The series is inspired by the investigations of apolice operation called Lava Jato, Synopsis: Marco Ruffo, a Federal Police agent obsessed with the case he is investigating, finds himself immersed in one of the biggest embezzlement and money laundering investigations in the history of Brazil when he least expects it.

6.       Irmandade: Action series. Synopsis: An honest lawyer faces a moral dilemma after police officers force her to inform on her brother, who is in prison and leads a rising criminal faction.

7.       7 Prisioneiros: Series that talks about slave labor in current Brazil. Synopsis: A humble young man needs to escape the clutches of a human trafficker. Will he be able to stay true to his principles while fighting to survive?

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